Top 10 Barbell Exercises

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Shoulder Press (Deltoids) A hard working move that not only asks a lot of your shoulders but your core too. I would recommend to do this slowly and if possible use a spotter whenever you squat. Ensure these stay in these positions through-out the exercise. Use ?FATHER20? to receive 20% off your order too! 1. You should get different areas of the muscle being worked. Deadlift (Erector Spinae, Quads, Gluts & hamstrings) A huge move that will work your lower back, glutes and both anterior and posterior leg muscles. Lower the bar to your lower chest. If you?re looking to buy one they are readily available from a number of different suppliers. During this movement make sure your back remains leaning forward in alignment 1100w folding treadmill with device holder shock absorption and incline_2040 your neck and legs stay slightly bent. Keep your elbows close to your sides throughout the movement. A fantastic exercise that personally is my number 1! ? Same principles as the dead lift. Take a grip either shoulder width or slightly wider (whatever you feel comfortable with), place your hands one overhand and one underhand. ? Take a shoulder-width overhand grip. Squat (Quads, Hamstrings & Glutes) If your serious about adding muscle and working out, do not neglect your legs! ? Squats are the real deal and will work your body like never before. ? Top Tip:?Like your looking forward and slightly down. With control press the bar up over your head, then lower to the top of your chest. Grab an empty bar and simply practice the movement, slowly lowering and raising the bar and your body under control. ? Stand at a squat rack and rest the bar at the top of the back slightly below the upper traps (there should be a natural spot). ? Place your grip on the bar slightly wider than shoulder-width and bring the weight up into your midsection and your making sure your arms go back. Look at practicing the exercise first as it may feel a bit funny to start with. Incline Barbell Press (Pec Major, Triceps and Deltoids) Almost identical in terms of coaching points to the flat bench. Do 3 sets of 9-15 reps. See if you can get someone to watch you perform it and ensure your form is correct. Look to do around 3/4 sets of sets between 8-12 reps. ? Quite often you will go to the gym and see guys with their feet doing an impression of Elvis and their whole lower body is lifting off the bench. A fantastic conditioning exercise, not just for the pins but for the core as well. Play about with speed/intensity of the movement. ? Experiment with reps and sets. Once you are use to it, it will definitely be one you return to again and again.As with every exercise you need to warm up first. ? Take a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip with your palm against the bar with fingers and thumb wrapped tightly around it. To get the most of the exercise squeeze your chest muscles as you reach the top of the movement and as you lower the bar back to the starting point see if you can hold it with a count of 3. See yourself with a grip wider than shoulder-width. Stand with your legs slightly bent and lean forward at your waist, making sure your back stays in alignment with your neck. Your shoulders, bum are against the bench and your feet flat on the floor. Look to make sure the barbell is an Olympic bar as they weigh 20kg. Look at doing 8-12 reps with 3 sets. Maybe start slow with 3 sets of about 8-10 reps. At all times remain in control and don?t bounce the bar off your body (this can cause bruising and is cheating!). 2. They are also in abundance at your local gym. This will make sure the bar doesn?t slip from your grasp and will remain more secure. 5. ? Mass Tip:?The closer the grip, the more directly the traps seem to be worked. 7. If you don?t have a training partner learn how to bail or maybe use a smith machine. ? Place your hands on the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip.?Bringing their legs into play. As your legs get closer to full extension, straighten your back to the upright position. One difference, set the bench to an incline of 45 degrees. Take hold of the bar with an underhand grip, with palms facing up and wrap your fingers and thumbs around it. Don?t lock your legs out, maintain a slight bent. This will make the traps do the lion?s share of the work. Stand to the crease where the hamstrings meet the glutes.? 9. Do this for 20/30 reps and check you?re nice and warm with a slight sweat. As your legs straighten, make sure your back straightens too. Aim for about 90 degrees. Keep the bar close to your body and raise it up to about chin level, making sure to elevate your shoulders. Find a weight you feel comfortable with. Set yourself a sensible weight to start and look to complete sets of 8-10 reps with a rest of 1 minute to 90 seconds between sets. 6. Take hold of the bar in a squat position with an overhand grip and upper legs parallel to the floor. One of the most important things is to keep those elbows as close to your sides as possible. Standing Curl (Biceps) It?s time to buy tickets to the gun show! That?s right lets look to build some muscle. Make sure you squeeze those biceps upon the top of the movement. ? Lower yourself down until your upper legs are parallel to the floor or as close to as you are able to get them. Brace your core too! ? Curl until the bar is to the top of the chest. Then slowly raise. ? Other progressions are squatting further down, past the knee. Make sure your elbows are forced downwards as you lower the bar and not backwards.? Look at doing around 8-12 reps with 3 sets. Repeat this movement. One other thing, don?t forget your barbell collars and I recommend . Stand with both feet slightly bent, this means a slight bend not completely bent. ? Top Tip:?Practice the movement with an empty bar before you attempt the movement. ? Lower your body, squatting down so that your legs are parallel to the floor. Again look at holding the move on the upward phase for 2 seconds and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Try non stop reps and also holding the upward phase for a few seconds. You can take a grip both under or both over, but my advice would be one of each. making sure your elbows remain at the side of your body. ? Top Tip:?Make sure you press from the front. 3. This move can be performed standing or seated. Barbell Bench Press (Pec Major, Triceps and Deltoids) Form is everything, so start as you mean to go on! Lay onto the bench, ensuring three points of contact. Conversely, the wider the grip, the more you?ll feel it in the deltoids. Lower the bar to the upper chest, just below your neck. Maintain tension in your lower back, straighten your legs and at the same time your head and chest should come up. When lowering try to do this with a count of 2/3 seconds, really asking the most of your biceps. 4. ? Now the barbell is a fantastic piece of equipment that be used at home or a gym. Lower yourself onto the bench, back flat against it, feet flat on the floor and your gluts (bum) firmly on the seat/bench. ? Thanks for reading,. Bent-Over Row (Latimussi dorsi) 
This exercise can be performed with two grips, both overhand and underhand. 8. We are going to look the underhand to begin with. As a beginner or even experienced gym goer, if your form waivers you will ask your neck to come out of alignment if pressed behind it. On the downward phase, look to Stick your bum slightly out which will cause a small arch in your back, hold the squat for several seconds then rise slowly. Set yourself with your feet slightly turned out and wider than shoulder width (as you get more confident you can play with stance and width). Shrug (Traps) This exercise is great at building those upper back muscles. Upright Row (Traps) So you think traps are something you set for mice? Uprights will build a thick wall of muscle above your shoulders. Again, another variation could be to take a really wide grip. Your chest should be over the bar with you looking forward and down. The ones you use when you have been asked a question you don?t know! ? Taking a shoulder-width grip, keep your arms locked with a slight bend at the elbow (very slight),? and shrug your shoulders straight up toward your ear lopes. Lower the bar under control until your arms are fully extended. Make sure you are looking straight ahead and up.? 10. Take an overhand grip, wrapping your fingers and thumbs around the bar. Hack Squat (Quads, Glutes) This is exercise will separate the men from the boys. ? Top Tip:?As you squat make sure knees bend and stay inline with your big toe. Do 3/4 sets of 8-12 reps. This ensures you isolate the shoulder muscles. On the way down, lower the weight back to the starting position just above the floor of the gym! 
 You can also do this move with an overhand grip. To get the most out of the exercise, upon reaching the top of the movement hold for 2 seconds then slowly lower (try and lower with a count of 3). Practice and experiment with grips and grip widths

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